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Master Mobile CPA Marketing
ATTENTION - Superior One-to-One Mobile CPA Training
On A Bad Month, I Make $61,500+
A few years back, Affiliate experts on forums used to tell me my methods won’t lead to a lucrative income. I ignored them and stuck to it. 

Two years ago, I made half a million for the first time.

My name is Taiwo Balogun, and I’ve made so much money from mobile CPA (cost per action) that I can no longer find the time to count it.

Now, I share what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to achieve the success I have: I released the free guide and eBook, Mobile Immersion 101 last year, I created the Mobile Immersion Area, an online space dedicated to teaching people everything there is to know about mobile CPA, but I still haven’t reached everyone who has the drive and desire to make more money than they ever thought possible. So, I am now going to offer a one-to-one coaching program to give aspiring affiliates, and established ones, in-depth sessions on the techniques and tactics I’ve used to make thousands every week from mobile CPA. 
"The techniques and tactics I will teach will have the potential to change the life of anyone established, affiliate or not."
EBOOK: Over 100,000+ Affiliates Have Downloaded And Read My Free Mobile Immersion 101 Guide
I’m 28, and live in the UK but spend much of my time abroad. If you’re a dedicated affiliate you may have met me in person at an industry event, or even heard of me due to the Mobile Immersion 101 eBook guides I wrote on mobile affiliate marketing or the forum posts I have written. If you’re reading this then you’re interested in making money – that’s a given, so it doesn’t matter that we haven’t met, what matters is that we share the same, fundamental desires and ambitions:
  • We are both motivated, and we both believe that we can have more than what we have now.
  • We’re dedicated to becoming successful in the affiliate marketing industry in order to improve our own standard of living as well as the ones we care about. 
  • We’re fearless. We’ll take any chance we have to achieve what we want.
I know the above points describe you because you’re still reading. 

Meaning, you’re interested in hearing what I have to say as you know that it will increase your chances of success within affiliate marketing.

The same attributes that has encouraged you to read on are the same ones I posses and the same ones I used to make my first half-a-million a few years ago. Before I shed light on the techniques and tactics I will be covering in my one-to-one coaching program, I’m going to say here that the majority of affiliates are not earning the amount of money I am – some are, but most are not. A lot of them claim they are. You read their articles littered with exclamation marks and capitalizations telling you how they make a million every month.  Even I used to believe them, but now that I’m successful, I know now that the real successful, the ones who make no less than tens of thousands every month, the ones who really make a lot of money, don’t have to shout about it, and if you want to be taught, you don’t want to be screamed at. You want to be guided. 
Here is what you need to become a successful affiliate. Here is how I learned the tactics and strategies to becoming successful through Mobile CPA.
Having a perfect campaign helps a lot in making money in this industry, but before that, before you can even make and maintain one, you need the right characteristics.
I started affiliate marketing five years ago. When I first came across it I thought it was a fraud, or at best, a trick: these dudes online were writing inspirational articles full of nonsense in an attempt to take my money and leave me with nothing in return – a bogus transaction. At the time, I was working in a convenient store for minimum wage and doing one or two night shifts a week as a cleaner to get some extra cash. 

I did this for two years until I was twenty before I scrapped both jobs and began to work in a call center, where many, if not most, young people in today’s world end up at some point. Despite how much I disliked working there, I tried to maintain a social life. I lived for the weekend and put myself through stress through the weekdays.

This cycle lasted two years, and by the end of it I was in debt. I look back on it now, and I still struggle to comprehend that what I’m making in a bad month now is double what I used to owe in debt $25,000+, but at the time, I was petrified by the letters that were coming through the post. I was in rent arrears too, and my mum had left the country six years prior so I had nowhere to run to. I knew of affiliate marketing, but like I said, I didn’t believe it, but in the situation I was in I had nothing to lose by giving it a go.
It took me a few months to get a hang of affiliate marketing. In that time the only thing my new interest in internet marketing had done was put me in even more debt. Google adwords and everything else to do with online advertising was new to me, so the learning curve was strenuous, but I could see how I could make more money than I was getting from work if I stuck to it, and that was enough to keep me going. Besides, I had spent that much on it that I had gone too far to go back. It had to work.
"The money I was using for my social life I began to use for Affiliate marketing, and my debt continued to rise, but I was sure, certain, that this was going to pay off, and it did."
The first amount I made was $594.67 and this is how I made it:
I decided to take the last $350 I had to my name and create a mobile pop-up campaign with a traffic source called DNTX Ads instead of using Google Adwords.

I found an offer on my affiliate network, set-up the campaign and waited…

The first day I made $46.89 after spending just $17.98 for the advertising. It wasn’t much but it was definitely a good sign.

The next day I made $73.21 after spending $24.82 for the advertising. I thought I was just lucky at this point, so I decided to ramp up my daily budget to really test things out.

The next day I earned $231.59 after spending only $42.37 for the advertising!

I was definitely getting excited by this point, so I decided to tweak my pre-sell page a little bit, using some of what I had learned after messing around with Google Adwords. I increased my daily budget.
"The next day, I couldn’t believe my eyes each time I checked my affiliate account"
I was nervously logging into my account all day while I was at work, and each time I would see more commissions.

The money was pouring in, and I couldn’t believe my small strategy was actually working.

By the end of the day I grossed $594.67 in commissions. 

I had only had paid $53.44 in advertising to earn that amount.

Not much by any standard, but I was elated. I’d finally made money from my hard work. From there, the ball continued to roll. I made more, and lost more, but most importantly, I learned. I learned the ins and outs, what to do and what not to do, how to perfect a campaign and maintain it. 

In the first couple months, I was happy to make around $600 after investing $140 into a campaign. That return was great, but if that was the micro scale then, what I make now is the macro scale.

You don’t have to be a psychic to guess that with in six months I had left the call centre and focused all of my time on affiliate marketing.

It became an obsession. It still is. The only difference is now I travel a lot I physically can’t put as much time into obsessing over every single detail of my campaigns, but I still put my all into everything I do in the affiliate marketing world. I am no longer in debt, and the debt I had when I was 24 I cleared within two months after I had got this thing down. I was 24 when I was over $30,000+ in debt. Thanks to affiliate marketing, I was still 24 when I paid it all off.
I dropped out of college when I was 17. I thought it was a waste of time. 

I never considered going to university because I knew I was going to make money my own way, not the way everyone is told to. Now, I run a business that I can help others through, that I own and that’s profitable. Here is a snap shot of one of my affiliate accounts.
Despite how popular my Mobile Immersion 101 eBook was, and how popular my Mobile Immersion member’s area is, I won’t reach everyone. Not only that, but some people who are truly dedicated and want the best guidance possible will want more than an eBook and a website to show them guidance on how to make it through Mobile CPA, which is another reason why I’m running a one-to-one coaching program; to reach more people and to give people who have the determination the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. 

The biggest reason why I’m running this program is because I’ve been asked to Repeatedly.

I declined the first few times because I knew how much one would cost and didn’t want to alienate the following I have built by creating the free 101 eBook, and the mobile Immersion area but I’ve finally decided to do so as the eBook and site will always be available, but the one-to-one coaching program is for those who are relentless and want everything possible in order to become successful in this industry.
Earlier this year I went to Affiliate World Conferences:
I met Oliver Kenyon (AffiliateFix Founder), Charles Ngo, Servando So Yong Silva, Lorenzo Green (STM Founder) and many more. I also met people who had benefited from my eBook and the Mobile Immersion website in person for the first time. (I’m not very good at compliments so I was overwhelmed by the thanks I was given for the information I had given people.)
Before affiliate marketing I had never left the UK. This year alone I went to Sweden, Poland, Spain and last year I went to Thailand. It’s also allowed me to take members of my family on holiday for the first time, which is an incredible feeling.
It’s easy to obsess over affiliate marketing and making tons of money, so moments like this remind me why I turned to it in the first place: to put myself in a position where I don’t have to worry financially and I can do whatever I feel like doing. That feeling alone is better than anything.
As I’ve learned more about affiliate marketing and make more money I’ve started to attend more affiliate functions.

I’ve stayed at places I’ve never knew existed and that are on a level of luxury that’s hard to believe, but I do my best to not let the glitz and glamor make me lose focus as there are still many people who need to learn the honest facts around affiliate marketing.

There is a lot of bullsh*t, and I had spent years myself navigating it before I figured out what really works. Part of what’s helped me is networking, I know several, honest affiliates with the same ethos and desire to guide people that I have. A lot about this industry is having that circle – that network. The Mobile CPA one-to-one coaching program not only teaches you what you need to know but adds me to your circle.
As you’re probably aware of by now, affiliate marketing has improved my life.
I have the option the fly first class everywhere I go (although I don’t always as I like to be with regular people and remind myself where I came from).

I’ve met affiliates in Thaidland, Spain, Germany, London, Amsterdam, Sweden and Poland. 
For the past five years I haven’t had a traditional job and have been making money from affiliate marketing and Mobile CPA. It would take several other articles and letters for me to explain the difficulties I faced in getting to where I am now.
The majority of the tribulations I went through was due to sea of false information online regarding affiliate marketing and the amount of affiliates who are claiming to posses knowledge they don’t and to living a lifestyle they aren’t, just so they can make money from people who can’t tell the real from the fake. In short, I struggled to get here because of deception. This is why I went on to write the Mobile Immersion eBook for affiliates who wanted to make money from mobile advertising and give it away for free, so that people starting out had a fair chance and could sidestep the rubbish I had to deal with. This is why I made the Mobile Immersion Area, so that people who wanted to take the next step and guarantee that they were successful could do so. 

The one-to-one coaching program is the following activity I want to bring. It’s for those who want nothing more than to ensure that they can become successful in affiliate marketing.

What I’m sharing is knowledge. Anyone can possess it but only the most successful and determined can use it to get the same position I’m in today.
The program will guide you in the simplest way possible of what you need to do to become successful in Mobile CPA. Not only that, the program will give you a year’s free access to the Mobile Immersion Area. This is to ensure that following the workshop you have the resources to ensure that you are constantly on the right track regarding everything to do with your campaigns and beyond. In addition to this, you will also get free access to the Private Mastermind Skype Group. This program isn’t me giving you three days and then leaving you to apply everything, no. It’s part of a complete package.
I want you to get your money’s worth.
"I want to be with you alongside your journey and see you become successful."
You don’t just pay for just the one-to-one coaching program, you pay for the support you will be getting for the following twelve months after the program. You pay for the guidance, tactics and techniques you will be receiving that took me years and countless thousands of dollars to figure out. You pay to avoid the pitfalls I fell into far too often. You pay for guaranteed success with Mobile CPA from an affiliate who has a flawless record of doing everything possible to help people who want to learn from affiliate marketing. 

Since becoming successful, and meeting people who are starting out and then seeing the amount of false information they’re having to go through all in order to make a decent living I want to make the one-on-one coaching program accessible for any, driven affiliate.

I’ve gotten to a place where I want to be. I can do what I want, and I can support my family in any way possible. I went from being a cleaner and sleeping on my friend’s floor to flying 1st class to Thailand. I’m happy. It would benefit me in no way to deceive anyone, so the program is everything I‘ve said it is and more.

In summary

The one-to-one Mobile CPA Training Program includes:
  • The Mobile CPA One-On-One Coaching Program.
  • A year’s free membership to the Mobile Immersion Area.
  • Free Access to the Private Mastermind Skype Group.
The information given at the program and what can be obtained through the mobile immersion area and Mastermind Group later is invaluable to an affiliate that has the determination to succeed. Affiliate marketing is an industry littered with useless information and gurus pretending to be something they’re not. 
Had the service I’m offering now been available to me before I started, I would’ve been where I am today a lot sooner.

The workshops I have attended over the years have been extremely beneficial, and I would like to thank the affiliates who have put on workshops that I have attended over the years. Now it’s time for me to join them, but with the knowledge of an Mobile CPA expert.

What you do after the Mobile CPA one-on-one coaching program is up to you, but I already know that if you book a place then you’re determined to become successful and that you’re in it for the long run.
"The program is for people who want to succeed."
If you’ve finished reading all of this then at the very least you have the desire to do so.
If you apply for the program then you know you can.
You can apply by clicking the link below.

The one-on-one coaching program is the final step any affiliate can make in becoming a real, successful affiliate in Mobile CPA. Spending weeks on forums might be acceptable if you’re trying to figure out what the industry is all about, but if you’re serious about being successful in the industry and you have the determination to do so then the Mobile CPA workshop, and everything else that comes with it, is the step you need to take. 

If you know you can be successful with Mobile CPA then you have to book a place. Think about everything you’ve read; my story, and where I am now.

I still fly in regular seating sometimes because I like to remind myself of where I came from. I used to earn $17,000 a year, now I make 5x that in a bad month. If I can be in a budget carriage of a plane and make what used to make in a year in thirty days, then there is no reason why you can’t either. And I did it by myself. In your journey to success you have me to guide you.

Taiwo “Cash Money Affiliate” Balogun
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